Stay Service

is focused on to help and support the children to develop work, cultural and hygienic habits, social skills, to develop the habit of healthy diet, free time organisation, and quality personal development.


There are two modes of operation: group and individual.

Service Includes:

  • Food, which includes etiquette and hygiene
  • Help with learning, writing homework, and overcoming existing educational and upbringing difficulties, introducing learning techniques
  • Developing working habits and life skills such as cleaning, cooking, up keeping
  • Council and help to children and parents; Developing child’s social skills, believing in yourself and others, creating positive image about yourself, gaining confidence, conflict resolution skills, communication skills, building mutual trust and support
  • Organised free time through play, sport activities, creative and artistic skills
  • Collaboration with expert assistants, teachers, homeroom teachers, subject teachers
  • Other services, depending on user’s needs.


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