• Homeschooling is an individual teaching at home which is being successfully carried out by Breza’s expert upbringing-educational team since 2002.
  • The class is designed for Croatian and Swiss, i.e. foreign users of Social-Therapeutic Community (STZ) age 13-21.
  • The program is based on individual class in accordance with the school program of countries from which the students come.
  • Individual teaching is held at the Community’s spaces and wider.
  • We offer alternative education with complete individual approach to our users in the form of teaching class matter, learning and testing with special emphasis on practical work and learning through experience.
  • The aim of the program is to develop all of the user’s potential and to create a positive image and relation about the school (creating work habits – studying, reading, writing homework…, being motivated, concentrated etc.).

Program Participants:
a) Community’s users (Croatian citizens) who have not finished elementary or high school so they are given the possibility to enrol at state schools or polytechnics without attending classes with consultations with the subject teacher, and taking written and oral exams.
Breza’s expert team, in accordance with the arranged school program, prepares the user for each subject and takes care of everything necessary for quality schoolwork.
Competent school/polytechnic issues a diploma to the user at the end of a school year.
b) Community’s users (foreign citizens) who have the option to continue schooling according to the Steinerschule (in German language) school program after quitting schooling (up to 9th grade).
Swiss partner issues a diploma which is valid in all of Switzerland on the basis of user’s achievement and report about the user.
Foreign users also have mandatory Croatian language courses and receive a diploma, which can be used in any country, on active knowledge of Croatian language when they return to home country.
Head of individual teaching: Ivana Šibalić, 031 272818, e-mail: