Community Breza

is a form of support for children and youth with special experiences due to which they cannot live with their parents, foster parents or institutions in which they were placed.

The support includes: housing, continuous monitoring and upbringing, care about health, diet, schooling, socialisation, learning about responsibility, development of personal potential through various creative and experience related pedagogic activities and free time. We provide individual and group psychotherapy help, work-occupational therapy and learning of life skills to our users in order to strengthen them more.

Age of the users: 12 -18 years old
Location: Country estate in the vicinity of Osijek, elementary school, ambulance, option of regular or private secondary education with public transport.
Maximum number of users: 6

Intense Individual
Therapeutic Program

is focused on strengthening the users who have difficulties with the socialisation and with every-day functioning, and who have the need for daily psychotherapeutic support.
The user has access to all-encompassing support through which he strives to integrate into the Socially-therapeutic community.

Age of the users: 12 -18 years old
Location: two estates in the vicinity of Osijek, schooling is available with the option of individual teaching.
Individual transport is ensured.
Maximum number of users: 2


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