ERASMUS + PROJECT KA2: Strategic Partnerships
  • Project number:


  • Project Duration:

    18 months (30.9.2019.-30.3.2021.)

  • Project Holder:

    Baltic Ontopsychology Association, Riga (Latvija)

  • Project’s Total Value:

    187.444,00 €

to identify essential soft skills for entrepreneurship in order to develop of a set of training materials for entrepreneurship courses and programmes.

LINK: http://upenskills.eu/

youth workers, youth and youth experts

  • identify and define the necessary key competences and skills for potential entrepreneurs
  • identify similarities and differences in approaches to entrepreneurship in the participating countries/regions
  • create portraits of successful entrepreneurs and their strengths
  • produce a flexible and adaptable set of methods for entrepreneurship trainers
  • produce a portfolio containing best practice cases in entrepreneurship training
  • carry out pilot testing of new toolkit
  • conduct international training courses
  • organise events and disseminate results

Asociaion Para La Gestion Del Centro Europeo De Empresas E Innovacion De Burgos (Spain), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Univerity of Patras (Greece), Youth Association Breza (Croatia), INPRO Association (Poland), Young Effect (Italy).

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